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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Here are some common answers to questions that people ask about War Against Scams.

Who Are You ?

We are a dedicated group of justice activitists that have seen enough people hurt to make it our business to put an end to online scams. Our group consists of people around the globe, ranging from Security, Legal, IT and Finance backgrounds. We are appalled at the prolifent abuse that people encounter from fraudsters, and are inviting others to join us on a mission to stop the spread of scam websites across the internet.

What You Are Doing is illegal

Absolutely not.

We are an education platform to help people understand their rights as consumers, to enable them to take action in a variety of ways if they have lost money in a scam.

This website provides links to government websites, social media websites, and enables people to take action where they have been a victim of bitcoin (and other) investment fraud.

We help to put an end to illegal activity by educating pople to use the law appropriately.

Does this really work?

We cannot guarantee your results.

Your situation is going to be different to everyone else’s.

But if you start to take action and stand up to the playground bullies then you will turn your grief, sadness and anger into something that can work for a positive outcome.