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Scammed by Bitcoin Fraud ?

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Fight Against Scams

Globally there is a significant increase in online bitcoin investment scams and fraudulent behaviour. If you’re a victim of a scam or fraudulent activity, there is very little chance that you will get your money back. That’s a cold hard fact, which is disclosed by every fraud reporting agency that you will talk with.

The Emotional Battle is Huge

  • Does this mean that you just sit back and do nothing ?
  • Is there a way to get any money back ?
  • Can you reason with scammers and see if they are happy to entertain your requests to hand you back the cash that is in their possession ?
online bitcoin investment scam fraud

How Do They Do It ?

There are two sides to the equation: on one side you must have a willing participant (I guess that’s you if you are reading this ?); and on the other side you are dealing with a master of disguises (in case you’re wondering, that’s the scammers).

Scammers appeal to your vulnerabilities.

We all have a few emotional vulnerabilities that scammers attack with their own level of casual subtlety – focussing on things like despair, greed, opportunity, generosity, friendliness, availability of funds, opportunity and timeliness.

scam alert - bitcoin investment

Gather the Evidence

The first thing to do is write down everything that has taken place, in an orderly fashion.

Start with how it began – how did they contact you ? Were you referred by a friend ? What was it that convinced you that it was safe to invest ?

Next, dig up your bank details, credit card details, crypto wallet details etc and either take screenshots or set aside emails that confirm the money you had sent. If you sent more than a single transaction, make sure the distinction is clear.

Then make a word summary of the transactions including the date, amount, where it was sent, evidence to say that they received it.


Fight Back Against the Scammers

Once you have captured how you have been scammed, here are three things that you can do to fight back against the scammers.

First, report to your local or national Police force, and/or Fraud Squad

Second, call your bank or credit card company

Third, follow the links on this page to fight back against the scammers (and do us all a favour !), for example: Report to Web Filtering Companies