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Gather the evidence

The first thing to do is write down everything that has taken place, in an orderly fashion.

Start with how it began – how did they contact you ? Were you referred by a friend ? What was it that convinced you that it was safe to invest ?

Next, dig up your bank details, credit card details, crypto wallet details etc and either take screenshots or set aside emails that confirm the money you had sent. If you sent more than a single transaction, make sure the distinction is clear.

Then make a word summary of the transactions including the date, amount, where it was sent, evidence to say that they received it.

You should also capture the promises that were made to you in order for the exchange that you were expecting to take place. For instance, was it a bonus or cash reward ? Were you going to get a daily or weekly payout ? Simply screenshot the message or website etc and list where it came from as a reference source.

Lastly, capture the methods that they contacted you. Was it via Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, phone number, email, or other chat methods ? Take screen shots of the conversations you have had, and list the dates and times of the conversations.

All this will be required when you get to talk with Police or Fraud squads, and it means you don’t need to dig up the information all over again.

If there are others you know who have been affected, then gather their information as well. But beware! If you are intent to help as many people as possible to fight against the scammers, then you may inadvertently help the scammers themselves – so only work with who you know, and not everyone else.