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Using Norton – Submission Portal to Report Scam URLs

Use the Norton URL submission portal to let Norton’s know about scam websites, and to ask them to classify the sites as  Scan / Questionable Legality.

1. Navigate to [1]

There are three tab options to select from – it won’t really matter too much if you choose an incorrect tab. Assume that Norton already know about the site by selecting the last tab URL Classification [2]

Enter the URL in the box provided URL to report [3]

Check the I’m not a robot box [4]

Click the Submit button [5]

2. The page will expand the content to allow you to enter more information about the site.

Scoll down to the box Which classification should this URL have ? and select the classification that you think itshould have. For scams, click on Scam/Questionable Legality. [1]

Add in some commentary around what has happened to you (or others, if you are reporting for them). [2]

Check the box I’m not a robot [3]

And click the Submit button [4]

3. Nortons will confirm your submission and display the Thank You page confirmation. The good news is that they will assess and change the status to one of the following within 48 hours, based on your submission and their own observatio of the site.

OK – safe

! – Warning

X – Dangerous

? – Untested

Thank you for reporting to Norton Site Safety. Please consider doing the same for other web siltering sites to make the world a safer place.