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The Emotional Battle

No doubt you will be kicking yourself when you find out that the money you’ve sent someone is never going to be returned. This brings up feelings of shame and self-doubt. Then the fuming hatred of those individuals begins, and you begin the rampage to try and track them down somehow.

After a few weeks of getting nowhere, despair kicks in and a few months later, after talking with many people in a similar situation you realise that you’re not alone, and that just about everyone has been sucked into a similar situation.

And there’s nothing that the Police or Fraud agencies seem to be able to do about it, most of the time.

That’s where we move in – our Mandate is to ensure that your voice is heard across the world!

Join us as we fight for justice to get your money back, to get governments to take action with the taxes that we have all paid them to do their job, and for the legal departments and law-makers around the world to sit up and listen to the voice of the people that says, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !”

To move on in life, you realise that you need to let it go, and perhaps warn as many people about it, and watch that it never happens again to you or your friends.

That is, if you are not too scared or ashamed to tell them.

Do Something About It