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Reporting Scam Websites to Web Filtering Companies

To create a safer global internet community for everyone, there is a way to alert others about websites that are there only to take your money. Even if you aren’t able to retrieve your funds, you can contribute to making the internet a safer place for everyone else by reporting unsafe websites to the following organisations that will warn others about the content and intente of those websites.

Please follow the links below to see in-depth explanations about how to safely report to web filtering companies. Follow the method to get your voice heard!

  1. Trend Micro – Site Safety Centre
  2. Norton – Submission Portal
  3. AVG – Report malicious sample (Website)
  4. Avast – Report malicious file (Website)
  5. Symantec
  6. Malwarebytes
  7. McAfee

Quick Reporting Links

Here are the direct reporting links for these web filtering services.

By reporting these scam sites to the web filtering agencies, the safer the internet will become. You will need to act quickly to stop a mass spread, but the more comfortable you become reporting to these online agencies who do their job well, the faster we can control what is allowed on the internet, or not.